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The Importance of Having a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Picture of Liam Christie
Article by Liam Christie - Apr 17, 2023

In the digital era, businesses have quickly realized the potential of social media platforms as valuable tools in their recruitment arsenal. The rapid expansion and adoption of social media have revolutionized the way companies approach hiring and employee engagement. An effective social media...

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Effective Talent Acquisition: How to Nail Job Descriptions & Screening

Picture of Liam Christie
Article by Liam Christie - Mar 02, 2023

Okay, so inflation is hotter than Ryan Gosling in a sauna right now, and it's messing with everything - including the job market. Everyone's fighting tooth and nail for top talent, but some companies are having a harder time than others. So, why is that?Reason 1: Dull Job AdsListen, if you want to...

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Passive Candidates without Search Firms

Picture of Mike Tastle
Article by Mike Tastle - Jun 11, 2019

If you are using search firms for any hiring under executive level positions, you're doing it all wrong. Allow me to explain.

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