Passive Candidates without Search Firms

If you are using search firms for any hiring under executive level positions, you're doing it all wrong. Allow me to explain.

I first need to bust the myth that search firms will find and present "passive" candidates, which is their big pitch and how they try to justify you spending $$$$ when you hire one of them. Yes, they all say that's what they do. They find (some might even say they have a "database" of qualified candidates specifically for you...) passive candidates for your jobs. They say that because those are typically the kind of candidates companies want to hire. They're happy in their current role, not looking, performing well, etc etc etc. But here's the problem.

True or False: Most search firms use technology to find and communicate with passive candidates. Drumroll please.........the correct answer is TRUE. Whether it's email, LinkedIn, Indeed, Social Media, or something I've never heard of, all search firms use one/some/all of these as an initial outreach. And as someone who's been in the recruiting space for 20 years, believe me VERY FEW PEOPLE are cold-calling anyone anymore, regardless of what they say. The days for cold-calling ended once the technology age was born. Here's where it gets really interesting.

What do you think happens when a "passive" candidate gets one of these? They'll likely read it. They might respond with more questions. And then, without fail, they will open up their browser and start doing research. Maybe they think "hmmm, I wonder what else is out there?" Or they'll go directly to your company page to do some further research. The absolute nanosecond they do that, they've immediately become an "active" candidate.

Which begs the question, why spend an astronomical amount of money to a search firm to do the above? Isn't there a better and less expensive way to accomplish the same goal using technology and automation?

At HOOPS, we believe there is. We call it Recruiting as a Service, and our Talent Experience Platform was specifically designed to do just that. A couple of key points and then I'll be done:

  • Our model is Job Slot based. Meaning, we work on as many active jobs as job slots you have. Job gets filled/closed, swap in another.
  • We handle ALL of your job advertising, employer branding, microsites, career pages, candidate communication (email AND sms), HD candidate profiles, video interviewing, pre-screening, phone interviewing, interview scheduling, and on and on.
  • We do not charge placement fees. Again, we're not a search firm. Rather, we earn retention bonuses up to 6 months. Someone doesn't work out within the first 6 months, you stop paying the retention bonus. This is the truest definition of success fees.
  • We don't stop at hire. Our platform handles onboarding, assimilation, training which all lead to retention. Everything is based on the concept of experiences. Ask me for a demo if you're interested. Prepare to be amazed. You've been warned.

So, if you desire to attract and ultimately hire "passive candidates," maybe it's time to change things up?

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Mike Tastle